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Cooperation Notice

Cooperation Notice

Please note: we are a production and processing factory

In order to facilitate your accurate inquiry and sample search, please provide the following detailed information for our staff's reference so that we can provide you with the fabric unit price and quality samples you need in a timely and accurate manner!

1. Product specifications: fabric composition, yarn count, density, fabric style, color, and width;

2. Product quality: fabric requirements, color fastness, shrinkage, etc. If it is an export product or needs to be tested, please inform the test and inspection standard;

3. Product process: In addition to the natural color, bleaching or dyeing, printing process, do you need to process other finishing processes, such as: non-iron finishing, sanding, coating, waterproof, flame retardant, antistatic, pad dyeing, etc.;

4. Order quantity: The order quantity directly affects the unit price. If the quantity is unclear, we will quote the minimum order quantity;

If the above information is not clear, you can provide quality samples to our company, we will analyze the quotation for the samples, and reply as soon as we receive the samples! Please also attach a business card or indicate the specific contact to try!

Please note: we are a production and processing factory

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