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  1. Military Camouflage

  Because military battle and training dresses need to adapt to the needs of combat and training environments, camouflage fabrics must have the special wearability of such garments. The main indicators of such fabrics are: pattern camouflage, anti-infrared detection, high perspiration fastness to sunlight, air and water vapor permeability, anti-pilling performance, tear resistance, wear-resisting property, anti-mosquito performance, flame retardant properties, etc. Thanks to years of technical accumulation and various advanced supporting textile printing and dyeing equipment, Chuanmian Textile has produced a large number of military camouflage fabrics suitable for combat training environments and climates in various countries, and produced a large number of different camouflage combat uniforms meeting the needs of different armies from ordinary soldiers to special forces and from land to sky and ocean in different countries and regions ranging from cold belts to Southeast Asia, and from Nordic forests to the Middle East desert. From raw camouflage fabric material design to finishing after printing and dyeing, Chuanmian Textile masters very mature production technologies, and each process link is equipped with special testing equipment to ensure that each process is qualified and the production is controlled.

  So far, Chuanmian Textile has completed a large number of military camouflage orders, and the products have been exported to the United Kingdom, Russia, Bahrain, Egypt, Brazil and other countries.

  At the same time, the military camouflage fabrics in production also include military tent and soldier backpack fabrics. The use of this fabric is to cover the equipment, and its hydrostatic pressure (water) resistance in field work can reach 4,500 Pascals.

  2. Civilian Camouflage

  Compared with military camouflage, civilian camouflage is more of a clothing style. Its industrial uses involve: forest farms, architecture, hunting, outdoor recreation, photography, children’s wear, school military training, tents (disaster relief) and so on. Chuanmian Textile has completed a large number of orders on this product, and has accumulated more than 3,000 various pattern designs. Chuanmian Textile can design different styles of camouflage fabrics for different uses according to the needs of users; and also can add special functional finishing as required, such as waterproof, oil proof, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, easy decontamination, and hydrostatic pressure resistance.

  3. Workwear Fabric

  In addition to the basic performance of labor protection, modern workwear also needs to meet the special needs of the working environment, the comfort and aesthetic needs of the wearer, the wearability requirements in different seasons, etc., which involves the strength, color fastness, pilling resistance, shrinkage rate, dimensional stability, breathability, etc. of the fabric such as anti-static fabrics in the electronics industry, anti-greasy dirt fabrics in the petroleum industry, acid and alkali-resistant fabrics in machine manufacturing, and so on. Products Chuanmian Textile operates in this area belong to basic products and technology of Chuanmian Textile in this field is very mature.

  4. Chef Uniform Fabric

  With the development of the modern catering industry, the chefs’ uniform fabrics have evolved from single aprons, hats and gloves to functional fabrics featuring rich styles and industry subdivisions, meeting special requirements of the industry, and reflecting a strong sense of the times. At present, the main popular chef uniform fabric is printed fabric.

  5. Uniform Fabric

  Uniform fabrics more reflect the image requirements of the industry. The fabric is required to have excellent performance: Stiff and smooth, comfortable, washable, durable, and easy to sew. The uniform fabrics produced by Chuanmian Textile in these years include: flight attendant uniform fabrics (printed), postal uniform fabrics, and petroleum protective fabrics.

  6. Printed Products

  The printed products are the key development projects of Chuanmian Textile. From 1964 to the present, it has accumulated experience for 50 years. From raw material design of printed fabrics to the development and investment of printing equipment, Chuanmian Textile has its own unique production and application technologies. The products are available in dye printing, pigment printing, discharge printing, knit printing, rubber printing, etc. The products are used for working uniforms, uniforms, training clothes, beddings, thermal underwear, chef clothes, decorative cloth and so on. Product printing effect: Perfect register, full and uniform color, sharp outline, minimal chromatic aberration, and coordinative style. In addition, due to profound accumulation in printed products, Chuanmian Textile can formulate various customized solutions according to the terminal requirements of users, and produce special printed products that meet the requirements of users.