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Customer Service

In the fabric order sales process, Chuanmian Textile has a strong order supervisor team to meet the various needs of the user in the order production process. The main service items are:


1. Order Interpretation.

Since Chuanmian Textile has a complete industrial chain, the quality standards developed by each industrial chain factory are based on the end use of the product – the wearability of the apparel fabric. Therefore, the sales order supervision team of Shanmian Textile is very professional. The team can help the customer thoroughly understand the final quality index requirements of the fabric order to ensure the smooth realization of the customer’s fabric order.

2. Order Tracking

The quality of each link in the order production process is tracked, and the information is promptly fed back to the user to ensure the smooth realization of the customized product;

3. Quality Index Test

Including raw material test, quality test and finished product test of all links in the production process, and providing quality test reports;

4. Logistics transportation

5. Sample Making Service

Including DIP samples, printed mesh frame samples, finished product enlargement samples, customized product sample making, new varieties development and sample making, etc.

6. Asking for Samples

We offer customers a variety of samples of 0.5 yards for free.

7. Reconciliation Service

Our sales is responsible for managing the current accounts of the customer and the company, and keeping records of the transactions, which can be reconciled by the customer at any time.

8. Customer Reception

Chuanmian Textile welcomes customers from all over the world!