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Camouflage training suit fabric

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Sichuan Chuanmian Textile Co., Ltd.

ichuan Chuanmian Textile Co., Ltd.Founded in 1958, it is a large state-owned enterprise with spinning,weaving,printing and dyeing, clothing, sewing lines and other factories.And supporting power plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.



1. Product specifications: fabric composition, yarn weaving, density, fabric style, color, width
2, product quality: fabric fabric requirements, color fastness, shrinkage, etc., if export products or need to be tested, please inform the test and inspection standards
3, product technology: In addition to the original color, bleaching white or dyeing, printing process
4. Order quantity: If the quantity is unclear, we will quote the price according to the minimum order quantity.


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Fabric applications cover machinery, electronics, petroleum, medical, forestry, construction, shipping, express logistics, schools, institutions, food, training, operations and other industries.













There are 48 million meters of grey cloth, 72 million meters of uniforms for workwear, 20 million meters of camouflage fabrics, 240 tons of sewing thread and 100,000 sets of garments.


Fabric introduction


Fabric introduction


For military training, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of combat and training environments. Camouflage fabrics must meet the special performance of such garments. The main indicators are: pattern camouflage, anti-infrared detection, high sun drying perspiration, breathable moisture permeability, Anti-pilling performance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance,


Compared with military camouflage, civilian camouflageis more of a clothing style, the industry uses are: forestfarm, construction, huntingOutdoor recreation, photography, children's wear, school militarytraining, tents

In addition to the basic performance of fabric labor protection, modern tooling also needs to meet the special needs of the working environment, the comfort and aesthetic needs of the wearer, the performance requirements of different seasons, etc., which involves the strength, color fastness and resistance of the fabric. Rising balloon performance, shrinkage, dimensional stability, breathability, etc.


With the development of the modern catering industry, the chef's clothing fabrics have evolved from a single apron and hat gloves to functional fabrics with rich styles, industry subdivisions and special requirements for the industry, and a strong sense of the times. At present, the main popular printed fabrics.

More reflects the image requirements of the industry. The fabric is required to have excellent performance: crisp, comfortable, washable and durable, and easy to sew.
The uniform fabrics produced by Chuanmian Textile in these years include: flight attendant fabrics (printing), postal uniform fabrics, and petroleum protective fabrics.


The printing products are the key development projects of Sichuan Cotton Textile. From 1964 to the present, it has accumulated for 50 years. The products are available in various dye printing, paint printing, discharge printing, knitting printing, glue printing, etc. The products are used for tooling, uniforms, training clothes, bedding, thermal underwear, chef clothes, decorative cloth and so on.


Military camouflage

Civil camouflage

Tooling fabric

Chef's clothing fabric

Uniform fabric

Printing products


The company has a comprehensive exhibition hall and apparel fabric order experience center to meet the needs of Chinese and foreign merchants'

apparel fabrics and the entire industry chain.


Focus on the production and sales

of tooling uniforms and
camouflage fabrics



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